Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pra- Percutian - Limastiga, Melaka

Seperti yang kita semua sedia maklum...
Dalam masa terdekat ini, FA akan adakan pra-percutian...
Memandangkan FA dah lama x bercuti...
Jadi kita pi dekat2 jer...
sebagai pengenalan kepada Pengerusi baru ni ...
iaitu En Hedilisyam ..
Tempat yang dicadangkan adalah Limastiga, Umbai, Melaka
Duration : 2 Hari 1 Malam

Picture-picture dibawah diambil dari blog Limastiga

Limastiga Homestay

Limastiga Homestay Melaka offers a gem of comfortable living which cleverly combines modern architecture with Kampung style. The abode features six spacious family rooms arranged within three houses with stunning views of its surrounding. A large pool is set in the middle of the charming compound lush with greenery. Complete with superior amenities and easy access to nearby facilities, Limastiga Homestay is a definite must-go holiday retreat for a unique and memorable experience which you must not miss

Limastiga : Pavilion
Choosing to stay in Limastiga as opposed to a standard hotel room offers a heightened sense of privacy. You are free to come and go as you please without the hassle of worrying if you are disturbing others. There are strictly no time keeping rules and you are able to break convention with a midnight swim.


Limastiga : Pavilion

Limastiga : Pavilion
Limastiga : Pavilion looking from Rumah Satu


We provide a wide variety of menu during your stay at Limastiga. Meals provided are of Local Village Style. You may customize your meals on pre-arrangement basis. Please enquire and confirm one week before arrival

Outdoor Dining



o Air Conditioned Bedrooms (All family room)
o Spacious Bedrooms each with two(2) Queen size beds
o hot water bathroom
o Spacious Open Plan Dining and Living Areaso Television : one in open plan living area
o Private Balcony / Terrace
Coffee making facilitieso Kitchen is available for guests to use. The kitchen is fully equipped with crockery, cutlery & fridge.
o Towels
o Swimming Pool
o BBQ pit

Karaoke - RM 40 / hour
Spacious Karaoke Room with LCD touch screen song selector / Berringer sound system / LCD projector (Big Screen )

Karaoke Room



Swimming & Fishing @ Pulau Besar, Melaka

Fishing @ Kelong Anjung Batu, Umbai

Didi rasa tempat ni mmg sesuai laa untuk family2.. sebab kita boleh berkumpul... dan banyak aktiviti yang boleh kita buat.. jangan lupa bawak pancing... hehehheheee....



Azliza bte Johari said...

menarik tempat nie. saya pun tengah servey2 tempat untuk family gadering. tq yea.
jgn lupa singgap ke blog saya hihi